What's New in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

What’s New in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

A treat for Star Wars Fans!
A treat for Star Wars Fans!

Star Wars Jedi Survivor… the Legendary game every gamer and Star Wars fan is waiting for. Well, let me crisp things up for you further and burn the fire inside your heart even more. There is a lot of New Stuff in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and here in this article, we will guide you through all of those.

New in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Slow Motion – Time Slow Field

Boys and Girls, the developers just introduced a Time Slow Field, also known as Slow Motion that can slow things around you in an AOE. It will allow you to move quickly across the field and kill enemies without indulging yourself in trouble.

Dual Saber Toss

Previously, you could only throw or toss a single saber in your hand. This is going to change here in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Now, you can just Dual or Double Throw Sabers at once, hitting multiple targets in your way.


Yes, you heard that right, loud and clear. You can now jump and shot your grapple hook to travel further.

Wall Jump

The game just became Dying Light, as you can jump from wall to wall and in this way, you can reach the new highest in the game. It is a kind of open world after all, meaning you can benefit from the Wall Jumps more.

New Defense Technique

Another New Feature in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a Defense Technique that both enemies and yourself can utilize. It is like a Parry that can throw others off guard. Hard to utilize but quite spectacular to use in combat.

Faster Box Opening Animation

The animations for the Box Opening just got even better. it won’t take you ages to open boxes in the game now. Yes, your precious time is safe and you can use that to explore the game.


Well, that’s What’s New in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. It isn’t all the stuff but rather the most notable change to the game. Enjoy lads!

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