Source 2 CSGO 2

All about the New Source 2 CSGO 2 update

Congratulations beautiful gamers – we are closer to a CSGO 2 than ever before. Lord Gaben heard us and now the new CSGO is on source 2, which is the latest version of CS. Here in this article we are going to share with you all the news on CSGO 2 Update on Steam.

What’s the News?

So, CSGO already had a ton of updates in its overall period. But, nothing even comes close to the Source 2 update which is the latest patch on the game.

With time players grew exponentially in number, as well as the technology of gaming, their graphics and the mechanics.

Yes, we know that CS was the true King of FPS gaming and later everyone followed the mechanics, but as time goes on, everything should be updated.

New CSGO 2 Update on Steam

Why we didn’t have a CSGO sequel?

The obvious reason behind it is that CSGO market or economy is enormous and Gaben wouldn’t want to miss out on all those millions of dollars. Therefore, there isn’t a sequel, rather a patch or update.

This takes us to the CSGO 2 speculations on Steam and later on Richard Lewis himself put a tick on the news of a CSGO 2 Beta.

When can we play CSGO 2?

Well, the Beta is going to go live on March of this year, meaning we are half way around the journey. It could be just around the corner.

What will CSGO 2 Look Like?

The next obvious question you might have in mind is definitely about the graphics of CSGO 2. Valve is holding millions and maybe billions of dollars in the economy and graphics are going to effect it the most.

This takes us to the talk of the town, which is the Source 2 Engine on CSGO 2. Let’s talk about it in detail below;

Source 2 CSGO 2
Source 2 CSGO 2 Graphics

Counter Strike 2 Source 2 Engine

So, Source 2 is the latest engine from Valve itself and its origins are from 2004, meaning it has some experience on its back. the original CSGO was on the Source 1 Engine that was also created on 2004, so that answers the questions related to the graphics of Counter Strike now.

Source 2 was released in 2014 and most of the Valve games use it. You might be known to Half Life Alyx, Dota 2, Dota Underlords and Artifact.

The Source 2 CSGO 2 will be featuring the famous 128 tick server and it will also work its charm on the matchmaking. So, it means you can say goodbye to hackers ruining the game.

Maps in CSGO 2 Source 2

The new Maps that you can play on Source 2 Counter Strike Global Offense 2 are going to be;

  • Italy
  • Shoots
  • Lake
  • Inferno
  • Shortdust
  • Overpass

Will there be a new Counter Strike Game?

No, there won’t be a new game because we already mentioned Valve can’t throw off its in-game economy with something new, rather it will be focusing more on the graphics here.


Well that’s all the news on the New Source 2 CSGO 2 Update. Things aren’t going to be completely new, rather the developers are going to focus more in the shift of Source 1 to Source 2. It will change graphics, matchmaking and environment, because Valve can’t risk its billion dollar CSGO marketplace.

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