CSGO 2: a new CSGO Leaked by Nvidia

CSGO 2: Did Nvidia Leak the source code for a new CSGO Game?

CSGO might be quite old but it is still doing quite well. But, there are whispers of CSGO 2 in the streets and here we will be discussing, did Nvidia Leak the Source Code for a New CSGO Game.

CSGO2 – Nvidia Leaks new CSGO Source Code

Do we need a New CSGO?

Honestly, if you ask me, we do need a new CSGO because it’s been a long time. There are a lot of hackers in the game and that quite destroys the game for most people.

Yes, we know that CS is still the King of FPS Competitive Games, but it does need an overhaul. The developers aren’t going to give us an overhaul because there isn’t anything done to get rid of Hackers.

So, this compiles to yes, we do need a new CSGO, that is free from all the Hackers, has better graphics, and packs that same old Competitive FPS CSGO Gameplay.

Nvidia Leaks CSGO 2 in their Source Code

Nvidia gave us a hint on the CSGO 2 in their Source Code. You might ask us how? Well, in the recent drivers for the GPUs, users have found that the update code had CSGOS2 or CS2 hidden in the Game Profile Section

That is exactly what you and I feel about it because it points to a new CSGO based on Source 2, which is a modern engine of Valve. When you break down CSGOS2, it means Counter Strike Global Offense Source 2.

It goes the same way for CS2, which means Counter-Strike 2, leading to the new addition to the Counter-Strike sequel.

Nvidia Leaks CSGO 2 in their Source Code

When are we getting the new CSGO: CS2

According to a Twitter user by the name of “Aquarius,” we would be getting the CSGO 2, or CS shifted on Source 2 in the Quarter 1 of 2023.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s all the news on CSGO 2 through Nvidia leaking the Source Code for a new CSGO. It could only be a shift to Source 2, which is the newest addition to Valve Game Engine, but nevertheless, we needed something for CSGO.

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