One Piece: What is the Book (Bible) in the hand of Kuma?

One Piece: What is the Book (Bible) in the Hands of Kuma?

One Piece is a mystery on its own, and each character has small details everyone loves to notice and know the details of. Kuma, a member of the special race Buccaneers that went exist, is a feared figure in One Piece. Some call him Tyrant, while others refer to him as Pacifista – a human weapon, made by none other than the infamous Dr. Vegapunk.

Everyone in the series has noticed that Kuma holds a strange book with a Bible written on it in his hands. What is the Book (Bible) in the hands of Kuma? Does it hold something special, or knowledge about specific things? Let’s discuss it below.

One Piece: What is the Book (Bible) in the hand of Kuma?

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Why does Kuma Hold a Book In His Hands?

Kuma is a semi-machine in the world of One Piece, developed by Dr. Vegapunk himself, working on an extinct race called Buccaneers. He has a very peaceful brain and functionality, always looking for more knowledge, and only doing things with a purpose.

Thus, he carries a Book with the Bible written on it to keep track of specific knowledge of the world, related to islands. As Kuma can send people to other locations instantly, this knowledge comes in handy.

What is the Book (Bible) in the hand of Kuma?

The book in the hand of Kuma is not a bible, as a bible in Japanese is Biburu. The Kuma’s Book (Bible) is about islands in One Piece. As mentioned by Bonny “she cited that: her knowledge about Sky Island came from reading Kuma’s Book”.

Also, this comes in handy to Kuma as he can instantly teleport others. He flipped the book before sending Perona to Mihawk’s Island.

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