Outlast Trials Solo Experience - Solo vs Multiplayer!

Outlast Trials Solo Experience – Solo vs Multiplayer!

Outlast trials is a banger if you consider the fact that the game actually is in its Early Access. You can enjoy both multiplayer COOP and go solo in the run. It is your choice after all, but here we are going to write about the Outlast Trials Solo Experience, the Solo vs Multiplayer!

Outlast Trials Solo Experience - Solo vs Multiplayer!

A Mix!

If you already played Outlast Trials, you might have already gone through the experience of mid. In a sense that the game is based on your personal experience.

Some consider it bad and some consider it good, being a mix of both worlds. If you are a person who would like to have the previous Outlast Experience, then it is a banger.

On the other side, if you are looking for something new in 2023, then you might be a bit disappointed.

Solo vs Multiplayer

The Multiplayer is actually the new thing that 2023 players were looking for. There is less horror and more fun.

In the Solo experience, you come across the horrors alone, facing your fears, moving onwards while you actually don’t want to.

On the Multiplayer side, you have to talk with people, and listen to them and you know there is someone beside you.

While, in the Solo world, you are completely alone, without anyone to back you up. This is the real difference here.

For hardcore gamers, the previous Outlast experience is a real deal here because they want to experience horrors that are not found in any other game.

Solo in Multiplayer

Another thing you can do here is simply to get in the 4 player lobby and turn off your voice chat or comms. In this way, you have a banger.

The others will feel like NPCs, while you roam alone. There won’t be any yelling, crying, and just physical running around.

If you are new to the game and want to slowly get an understanding, you can do this method here.

Outlast Trials Solo Experience - Solo vs Multiplayer!

The Verdict

Outlast Trials is the embodiment of versatility in horror gaming. They tried something new, bringing you a COOP or Multiplayer in the world of Outlast, packing both, something new and something old. The overall Outlast Trials Solo Experience is your own personal opinion.

If you ask me, an old classic lover, the Outlast Solo is the best way to go. You are alone, there is no one to back you up in the trial and the horror gives you chills.

While, the Multiplayer or COOP isn’t actually bad in the sense that you can enjoy some time with your friends, make YouTube or social context, spend quality time in the world of Outlast Trials, which you previously couldn’t.

In the end it is all based on your own opinion, but COOP really takes away the base of Outlast, which made it famous in the first place.

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