Palworld Palbox Disappeared and Base Destroyed - Hackers in Palworld

Palworld Palbox Disappeared and Base Destroyed – Hackers in Palworld

Palworld, the captivating world of capturing Pals and building bases, has recently encountered a concerning issue—hackers infiltrating public multiplayer servers, wreaking havoc by killing players and destroying bases. Players are left questioning the security and integrity of their in-game progress. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding the situation:

Palworld Palbox Disappeared and Base Destroyed - Hackers in Palworld

Hacker Reports on the Rise

Numerous reports from the Palworld community highlight instances of hackers infiltrating public multiplayer servers. Players have faced unexpected attacks, leading to the destruction of bases and the loss of valuable in-game items.

Hackers Killing Players

Players have reported incidents where hackers have the ability to kill characters, even in areas where PVP (Player vs. Player) interactions are not supposed to occur. This unexpected aggression has raised concerns about fair play and the overall gaming experience.

Base Disappearance Issues

There are instances where entire bases, including structures and items, have mysteriously disappeared. The cause of these disappearances is not always clear, leading to frustration among players who invest time and effort in building and securing their bases.

Damage to Buildings and Raids

In the world of Palworld, players can damage each other’s buildings, and raids may occur when players are offline. However, the reported instances go beyond the usual gameplay mechanics, with suspicions of external interference causing rapid destruction.

Taking Precautions

In light of the hacker concerns, players are encouraged to take precautions such as securing their bases, being vigilant in multiplayer interactions, and reporting suspicious activities to the game developers.

Play in a private dedicated server if you can for the time being or play co-op, do not play in the public servers made by Palworld developers as they are crowded with hackers.

Some players are advocating for public bans against identified hackers to maintain the integrity of the game. The community’s support in reporting and raising awareness plays a vital role in addressing this issue.


While the Palworld community faces challenges with hackers causing base destruction and player disruptions, it is important to remember that developers are actively working to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. Players are advised to stay informed, report suspicious activities, and contribute positively to the community discussions. Together, the community and developers can work towards ensuring a secure and enjoyable Palworld experience for all players.

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