Reasons to Buy Payday 3

Reasons to Buy Payday 3

While most of us Payday lovers are genuinely going to purchase the game because we are its fans, some community members are simply going to find reasons. There is nothing wrong with that because in 2023, we got to experience some spectacular games like Diablo 4, Starwars, Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield, and Zelda itself. All of them are worthy of GOTY except Starwars, but Hogwarts and Starwars are some top-notch games to experience as well. Below, we got some Reasons to Buy Payday 3, investing your money in the Payday Franchise once again, instead of matching it up with other AAA Titles.

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About Payday 3 Open Beta

With AAA Titles it is quite common to launch the game in phases. Before the official launch, there were Betas. It could be termed as the Beta 1, Beta 2, Closed Beta, Open Beta, or even Server Slam.

It depends on the developers how they are planning it, but in the case of Payday 3, the game has Open Beta, which is also the Server Slam – Server Strain Test. Players are known to come banging on the door to Payday 3 and it tests the servers.

All the issues are reported or found by the devs through forums, and they are being worked on. So that the official game release isn’t that buggy and the servers can bear the burden. Most of the time this type of Strain Test is to be done for games that are known to have a ton of audience coming in to play the game at the same time.

Instead of finding the issues on the release date, they announce Strain Test or Server Slam, as well as Betas, to point out issues and fix them before the official launch.

Reasons to Buy Payday 3

Reasons to Buy Payday 3

  • At the time of launch, you will get to play 8 Heist and then carry on with replayability because the game is a COOP Multiplayer
  • Unlike the previous Payday 2, the Payday 3 brings you new actions in the heist, with a realistic camera hacking loop, that allows you to hack stuff, open locks, open windows, and create new entries or exits.
  • EXP Challenges, Proficiency of Weapons, Skills, Gadgets, Microcams, and much more that you can utilize to have an upper hand on the guards. You can also edit your mask anytime you want to, utilizing that sweet overkill weapon.
  • Spectacular Gunplay that is unmatched even by the standards of Multiplayer COOP, and that is what Payday is known for.
  • While players are mad about being Always Online, you get to experience some spectacular changes like crossplay and cross-progress now due to being Online.

Hope these reasons are enough to Buy Payday 3. As for the users who are saying that is the old Payday with a few minor changes, they are not wrong, but they are also not right.

The Payday 3 is in the Open Beta phase, where players are checking out stuff. All the things aren’t presented on the table for the community to drool over but rather kept hidden.

When the game gets a finished official release, players will have a complete experience. Besides this, there is no other game like Payday that you can buy at this standard. It is a unique game with a unique heist mechanism that is fully flourished, unlike the mods in other games.

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