Denuvo DRM in Payday 3 - How does it affect the game?

Denuvo DRM in Payday 3 – How does it affect the game?

Payday 3 is the latest and greatest, as well as the most anticipated COOP Shooter of 2023. Successor to the previous Payday 2 on Steam, the game brings a punch of decision-making, equipment utilization, planning, teamwork, and that FPS Goodness. Well, there has been news on the Denuvo DRM in Payday 3, but you might be wondering how does it affect the game? Here, we got you covered.

Denuvo is one of the strongest Anti-Cheat in the gaming industry. While piracy is a common enemy of paid games, developers are always prioritizing security in contrast to their performance.

That is why most developers use Denuvo as their Anti-Cheat DRM, slowing down the performance of the game, as well as causing a ton of issues. Previously, we could witness it in Last of Us Part 1 PC, which is a great example.

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Is there Denuvo DRM in Payday 3

Yes, there is Denuvo in Padyday 3 as their Anti-Cheat. Because of the consistently poor optimization of Denuvo Antichest in games, players are not very happy about it.

Nevertheless, developers knew that the game might have some sort of hack or crack attack, which is why they went with the Denuvo. Not listening to the community, the Denuvo is present in the Online System of Payday 3, because it is an Only Online Game.

Will Denuvo Anticheat Affect Payday 3?

Yes, it will affect the game in many shapes or forms. First of all, the game performance will drop considerably. While most of the players could easily play Payday 2 on their systems, this is going to become limited.

There is going to be no modding for the game. It could occur in the future, but as of now, there have been reports of no modding in Payday 3.

On top of all of this, the launch of Payday 3 is going to be a mess. Previous examples include Hogwarts Legacy, Last of Us Part 1 PC, and so on.

Therefore, there is no need to have your hopes high for the performance and the smoothness of the game. Shaders are going to be the main guest of honor at the time of launch, which is going to make the game unplayable for a few days.

Then there are going to be glitches, bugs, performance issues, as well as FPS Drops. That is why we think that Denuvo isn’t a good choice for Payday 3, and developers are prioritizing security instead of players.

Denuvo DRM in Payday 3 - How does it affect the game?

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