Top 7 Payday 2 Builds in 2023

Top 7 Payday 2 Builds in 2023

Payday 2 may be an old game, but it’s timeless and enjoyable. The game features different builds. Choose one of them to add a unique twist to your game experience.

But what build should you choose? Keep reading for the Top 7 Payday 2 Builds in 2023. This will help you decide.

Top 7 Payday 2 Builds in 2023

Top 7 Payday 2 Builds in 2023

Stealth Build

As its name suggests, this build focuses on completing missions with stealth. This is a popular and powerful build, but takes a lot of work to master. To create this build, you need to first choose the right primary weapon. This weapon should deal the most damage while still being silent when firing. Pistols, sawed-off shotguns, and SMGs are great choices.

You also need a secondary weapon for extra firepower. This weapon should be powerful but silent. A silenced rifle or sniper rifle are great options. Once that’s done, it’s time to choose your gear. For a stealth build, lightweight body armor and a silenced gas mask are essential. These will allow you to move around unnoticed.

Once you have your basic build, it’s time to practice and refine. Use your creativity and resourcefulness to come up with new strategies and techniques to remain undetected. 

Weapons: Bernetti 9, CAR-4, Compact-5, etc.

Perk Deck: the Burglar. 

Skills: Stockholm Syndrome, Forced Friendship, Hardware Expert, High-Value Target, etc.

Stoic Build

Want to take on any situation and come out unscathed? Get the Stoic build. This build is all about defensive play, utilizing skills and weapons to maximize survivability. To do this, you need to minimize the damage taken. The best way to do that? Taking cover. Use the environment and hide behind objects to create choke points, block line of sight, and stay out of the line of fire. 

Other than defensive play, the Stoic Build also centers around maintaining a high-health pool. Invest in skills like Health Regen and Toughness to increase your maximum health and its replenish rate. Also, stock up on First Aid Kits to quickly heal during a heist.

Weapons: The Judge and KSP Light Machine Gun.

Perk Deck: The Stoic Perk Deck which replaces your throwable with a consumable Hip Flask.

Skills: Combat Medic, Quick Fix, Forced Friendship, Joker, etc. 

Sniper Build

Prefer sniping enemies from a distance? Go for a Sniper Build for increased accuracy and damage. This build also improves your ability to manage recoil. This is because the accuracy stat also increases the stability of a weapon. 

Other than stat points, weapon mods play an important role in this build. Especially the stability and damage mods. There is also the scope mod to increase the range of your weapon and allow for longer-range shots. While the optics mod lets you increase the zoom level of your scope.

Weapons: Lebensauger .308 Sniper Rifle, TR700 Sniper Rifle, Desertfox Sniper Rifle, etc.

Perk Deck: Gambler, Crew Chief or Rogue

Skills: Stable Shot, Marksman, Aggressive Reload, Ammo Efficiency, Underdog, etc.

Melee Build

Looking for something well-rounded that maximizes your melee output? The build is for you. The sheer number of enemies can be overwhelming for those focused on melee. This is why other than melee damage, this build also increases your survivability. 

But that doesn’t mean you can play as you please. You need to be smart about when to push, when to hide, what enemies to attack, and when to retreat. With the right gear and perks, you can take out any enemy quickly and efficiently.

Weapons: Baseball Bat, Electrical Brass Knuckles, Katana, Stainless Steel Syringe, and Fire Axe.

Perk Deck: Yakuza, Infiltrator, Martial Arts, Sociopath, Painkiller, etc.

Skills: Health Boost, Bloodthirst, Pumping Iron, Running from the Law, Second Wind, etc.

Leech Build

Much like the Stoic build, the Leech build is also focused around a certain Perk Deck. The Leech Perk Deck lets you get close to enemies and benefit from them by taking damage. 

It also replaces your throwable with the Leech Ampule. Activate this to recover 40% of your health and divide it into segments of 20%. Kill two enemies to restore a piece. The health restoration part of this build means you can be aggressive and tank.

Weapons: Akimbo Krinkov Submachine Guns, Akimbo Goliath 12G Shotguns, The Judge, and China Puff 40mm Grenade Launcher.

Perk Deck: Leech

Skills: Second Wind, Equilibrium, Akimbo, Nine Lives, etc.

Anarchist Build

The Anarchist build is an aggressive loadout. It’s best suited to those looking for an adrenaline-fueled blast of fast and furious action. This build is all about taking risks and finishing heists in record time. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 

This flexible build is all about armor regeneration. Except the regeneration is continuous instead of just out of combat. Meaning, no need to take cover and wait for your armor to regenerate. You can take fire from cops or turrets. And if your armor breaks, you get 2 seconds of god mode.

Weapons: Akimbo Judge Shotguns, Akimbo Kross Vertex Submachine Guns, or IZHMA 12G Shotgun

Perk Deck: Anarchist

Skills: Crits, Berserker, Joker, Bullseye, etc.

Armor build

The Anarchist build is helpful, but cops are still better equipped and can instantly take out your armor. This leaves you vulnerable while you wait for your armor to replenish. The solution? The Armor build.

This build focuses on increasing your ability to tank, aka absorb damage. With it, you will be able to run around and take a lot of hits without suffering a lot of damage. 

Weapons: Akimbo

Perk Deck: Rogue

Skills: Nine Lives, Swan song, Inspire, Feign Death, Messiah etc.

Top 7 Payday 2 Builds in 2023


The Top 7 Payday 2 Builds are the Stealth Build, Stoic Build, Armor build, Anarchist Build, Leech Build, Melee Build, and the Sniper Build. We hope this article on Top 7 Payday 2 Builds in 2023 helps. As always, happy gaming!

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