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Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Not Supported Error on PC – Fixed

Remnant 2, the eagerly awaited sequel to the popular action-role-playing game, Remnant: From the Ashes. Developed by Gunfire Games, Remnant 2 promises an exhilarating gaming experience with its dynamic gameplay and enthralling storyline. Players immerse themselves in a world filled with fantastical creatures, wielding powerful weapons and spells to survive challenging encounters. However, like any complex PC game, Remnant 2 is not without its technical challenges. Some players have encountered the “DirectX 12 not supported” error, hindering them from venturing into the game world they eagerly awaited. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore How To Fix Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Not Supported Error on PC, ensuring that you can dive into Remnant 2 without any hindrances.

Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Not Supported Error on PC - Fixed

Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Not Supported Error on PC Causes

The “DirectX 12 Not Supported Error” can manifest for various reasons, hindering your ability to launch Remnant 2 on your PC. Some of the potential causes include:

  1. Incorrect Graphics Interface: The error may occur when the game engine misinterprets the graphics interface, preventing DirectX 12 from functioning as expected.
  2. Outdated Windows OS: An outdated Windows operating system might lack the necessary updates for DirectX 12 compatibility, leading to the error.
  3. Outdated GPU Drivers: If your graphics card drivers are outdated, it can affect the functioning of DirectX 12 and trigger the error.
  4. Corrupted Game Files: Corrupted or missing game files can disrupt the smooth operation of DirectX 12 and result in the error message.

Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Not Supported Error on PC

To resolve the “DirectX 12 Not Supported Error” and dive into the captivating world of Remnant 2, you can try the following effective fixes:

Adding “-d3d12” to the Launch Settings

One straightforward method to address the “DirectX 12 not supported” error is by adding a simple command line to your Steam Launch Options. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Right-click on Remnant 2 in your Steam library and select “Properties.”
  2. Go to the “General” tab and locate the text box for “Launch Options.”
  3. Enter “-d3d12” (without the quotes) in the text box.
  4. Close the properties window and relaunch the game.

Update Windows

Ensure that your Windows OS is up-to-date by checking for and installing the latest updates. Updating Windows will also update DirectX 12 to its latest version, potentially resolving the error.

Update Graphics Driver

If you are using an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, update your GPU drivers to the latest version. A clean and updated installation of the graphics driver may rectify the DirectX 12 error.

Verify Game Files

Corrupted or missing game files can lead to launch errors. To verify the integrity of your game files on Steam or the Epic Games Launcher:

  • For Steam users, right-click on Remnant 2, go to “Properties,” and click on “Verify Integrity of game files” in the “Installed Files” tab.
  • For Epic Games Store users, click on the three dots next to Remnant 2 in your Library, select “Manage,” and click on “Verify Files.”

By following these solutions, you should be able to overcome the “DirectX 12 Not Supported Error” and enjoy a seamless gaming experience in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Not Supported Error on PC - Fixed

Final Words

Remnant 2 offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience, but technical issues like the “DirectX 12 Not Supported Error” can sometimes hinder the fun. Through this guide, we have provided effective fixes to help you overcome this error and get back to exploring the rich world of Remnant 2. Ensure your Windows OS and GPU drivers are up-to-date, and consider adding the “-d3d12” command line argument to the launch options. With these steps, you’ll be ready to embark on an epic adventure, wielding powerful weapons and spells to face formidable challenges in Remnant 2. Let the journey begin!

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