Can't Find Gunslinger Engram Iron Cylinder in Remnant 2

Can’t Find Gunslinger Engram Iron Cylinder in Remnant 2

It might be strange for some players, but if you are not starting the game with Gunslinger and shift to him afterward, you might not get the Gunslinger Engram. Quite a strange thing to witness in the Early Edition of Remnant 2. Don’t worry, we will discuss Remnant 2 Not Receiving Gunslinger Engram Iron Cylinder here in our guide. It might potentially fix it for you as well.

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Remnant 2 Latest Patch Fixing Gunslinger Engram Bug

First, there has been potential news on the developers fixing this issue in their latest path. The patch says “Added Fix for Ultimate Edition Players Not Receiving Gunslinger Engram in Game if they Don’t Start With Gunslinger”.

To this reply, the players say “Where is this Engram, can’t find it even after the patch”. Now, this is a bug in the game that hasn’t been fixed as of now, even after the patch and developers acknowledging it.

Can't Find Gunslinger Engram Iron Cylinder in Remnant 2

Why Can’t I Find Gunslinger Engram?

For those who are new to this bug in the game, let me break it down for you. To unlock your Gunslinger, you will be needing the Iron Cylinder Engram. It is a special item used to get the Gunslinger after you started the game with some other Archetype or Class.

Typically, you go to Wallace in Ward 13 and there you can craft this Engram for Gunslinger. There is a material required as well that you can get from Mudtooth.

The Gunslinger Engram Bug is that players talk to Mud Tooth and he will only give you the Gunslinger Ring and nothing else. Wallace, on the other hand, doesn’t have anything for you to craft.

Fixed Can’t Find Gunslinger Engram Iron Cylinder in Remnant 2

To get the Gunslinger Engram Iron Cylinder in Remnant 2, you will first have to make sure you finished World 2. Yes, this includes the area where you turn in the shard.

After you are done with that, you come back and talk to Mudtooth. Make sure you exhaust or go through all of his stories. Afterward, you will get the Gunslinger Engram.

In case that doesn’t work, you can simply report this issue to the Remnant 2 Support Team. They are quick to fix the issues in the game and will get back to you in a few days with a new patch.

Players already reported this issue many times and they acknowledged it as well. Hope this helps!

Can't Find Gunslinger Engram Iron Cylinder in Remnant 2

The Verdict

In short, there is a Gunslinger Engram Iron Cylinder Bug where players Can’t Find Gunslinger Engram Iron Cylinder in Remnant 2. They talked to Wally, as well as Mudtooth and nothing works. This issue was fixed in the latest patch “according to developers”, but players are again reporting it.

Make sure you completed World 2 completely, also giving the shards and coming back, listening to all the stories of Mudtooth. Then you might be able to get it.

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