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Does Remnant 2 have Text Chat? Answered!

In a spectacular FPS game like Remnant 2, you are bound to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. But, does Remnant 2 have Text Chat to talk with your lovely friends over the chat box? Well, here in this guide, we are going to answer it.

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Remnant 2 Text Chat!

Honestly, it is a shame to even pull this up here, but Remnan 2 doesn’t have a Text Chat Option. This means you can’t talk to your friends by typing or over the text box.

In a perfect game like Remnant 2, you just expect everything to be here. As a rule of the universe, nothing is perfect and you can’t get all the things from a single source.

Why is there no Chat Option in Remnant 2?

No one knows as to why there is no chat option here. Instead of this typical chat screen, you will have to utilize the in-game ping system. You can just tell your teammates what you want with the ping system.

Another reason that we can think of is the game being an FPS instead of an MMO. Like the other FPS games, you can’t talk to others using the chatbox. You have to use voice comms or simply point your stuff with your ping system.

Does Remnant 2 have Text Chat? Answered!

The Verdict

No, Remnant 2 doesn’t have Text Chat Option. The developers didn’t put the reason for that and neither is it hindering in the gameplay. You can just utilize the ping system for now and might get a chat box for future updates of the game.

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