Remnant 2 Infinite Bleed, Lifesteal, and HP Regen Hack

Remnant 2 DLC – Stuck on Character/Class Not Leveling and Not Getting XP

Since the release of Remnant 2, players have been looking for more of the thrill and the combat, and finally, we have it with the Remnant 2 DLC, The Awakened King. But with that players also got to suffer from a strange bug, where players are stuck on character or class not leveling, and not getting XP.

Strange enough, players can head out of the DLC and fix this bug themselves, but that is the problem. When you start the Remnant 2 DLC, The Awakened King, this bug triggers, and players can’t level up their classes.

Remnant 2 DLC - Stuck on Character/Class Not Leveling and Not Getting XP

Remnant 2 XP/Level Bug

As a side effect of the new XP/Level Bug in Remnant 2, you will be facing the following issues:

  • Characters/Levels/Archetypes Not Leveling Up
  • Getting stuck on the same Level
  • Stuck with the same XP
  • XP not increasing
  • Level not increasing

Most of the time, players will get stuck on level 8 at max, and can’t exceed that.

Is there a fix for the Remnant 2 Character/Class Level/XP Bug?

No, as of right now there is no fix for that except just rolling out of the DLC by yourself and playing the game pre-DLC. There might be a new patch that could fix the issue for you. But, there are a few things you can do here.

  • Reinstall the Remnant 2 with the DLC
  • Verify Remnant 2 Game Files
  • Block Antivirus and Firewall

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