Remnant 2 DLC - Stuck on Character/Class Not Leveling and Not Getting XP

Remnant 2 DLC The Awakened – Effect and Status Duration Bug

Remnant 2 DLC, The Awakened King, introduced us to the new Ritualist Class, secret weapons, puzzles, gear, and missions. While some had no issue in completing the game with their special builds, some players noticed a bug with the Status Duration and Effects, either their damage, duration, or the intention of usability. Here in this guide, we will share with you Remnant 2 DLC The Awakened King Effect and Status Duration Bug.

Remnant 2 DLC The Awakened - Effect and Status Duration Bug

What is the issue with Status Duration and Effects in Remnant 2?

First, it was the Ritualist Skill Bug, and then players started noticing that the other classes and effects in the game were also in the circle. The effects and the duration of the statuses in the game were acting strange.

When you increase the duration of the status, it reduces the damage you are going to deal with in that period. So, in the end, the thing remains the same even if you level it up.

The same is the case with the effects and skills in the game as they remain the same if you level them up, or for some people, the skills even reduce in damage over time, as you increase levels.

Is there a fix for this?

No, there is no fix at the moment, but some speculated that the damage and the durations are all right, and the actual bug is with the numbers showing on the screen. If you select Alchemist, the bug fixes itself.

Besides this, even if it is a bug, the pattern is recognized by the developers and will be fixed in a new patch.

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