Remnant 2 DLC - Ritualist Skill Bug

Remnant 2 DLC – Ritualist Skill Bug

Remnant 2 DLC, the Awakened King players noticed that the Ritualist Skills aren’t working as intended. Like the Miasma Skill, having issues with its damage and duration scaling. Instead of increasing, the skill effects start decreasing with each level. For others, the skill has stopped at one point and doesn’t increase the effect with time. In other cases, the skills also deal less damage, have issues with the duration, and so on. Here, we will go deeper into the Ritualist Skill Bug.

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Are Ritualist Skills Bugged?

Yes, they are bugged, as recognized by most players and also the community members. No response has been given out by the developers as of right now, but most of the players have seen the following issues.

  • Less damage with each level up of Ritualist Skill
  • The % skill damage and % duration bonuses from the sources don’t apply to the Ritualist Skills
  • Stuck on the same damage and duration even with the increase in stats/level
  • Miasma Skill issues for Ritualist

Is there a fix for the Ritualist Skill Bug in Remnant 2?

No, there is no fix at the moment, except that “Tragic”, a Remnant 2 Dev on Discord mentioned that they know the issue exists and will probably release a patch to fix it.

Remnant 2 DLC - Ritualist Skill Bug

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