Where to Find Anguish Handgun in Remnant 2

Where to Find Anguish Handgun in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 DLC, the Awakened King brings new hidden items and weapons alongside various activities to do. One of the most sought-after weapons in the game is Anguish, a handgun that deals massive damage at close range and looks great on specific builds as well. Here in this guide, we will show you where to find an Anguish Handgun in Remnant 2.

Where to Find Anguish Handgun in Remnant 2

What is an Anguish Handgun

Handguns are among the vast varieties of weapons in Remnant 2, being one of the best sidearms alongside your primary gun of choice. They are like pistols, but much stronger and suitable for mid to close range.

Anguish is a Handgun in Remnant 2 DLC, the Awakened King that can only be achieved by waking up from the Dran’s Dream, meaning you have to find him in various locations throughout the campaign, and at the end, you will get the Occult Vassel, that is used to craft the Anguish Handgun.

It is a shotgun on close range, and you can put the mutator on this weapon as well.

Loath The Weak

You fire volatile needles that explode after 1.5 seconds and have an extra damage of 30 explosives.

What is an Anguish Handgun

Steps to Find Anguish Handgun in Remnant 2

Getting the Anguish Handgun involves a ton of steps and is difficult to grasp, as after you die, you will have to start over with the starting step. Follow the steps below to Find the Occult Vassel and Craft Anguish Handgun in Remnant 2.

  • Start a new campaign after the DLC, The Awakened King patch (easiest difficulty)
  • Clear things out till the Root Earth passed the first fog gate with the train-yard fight
  • Reroll to Adventure Mode: Get “Etheral Manor” found in the Losomn Fire Dungeon.
  • Get grabbed in this Etheral Mano and then use the Liquid Escape.
  • Use the crystal checkpoint to travel to Ward 13
  • In the Ward, talk to Dran who is down the hill towards your right, near the fire
  • He will grab you and snap you back into reality
  • Go to Yaesha Red Throne, walk down the stairs into the prison on the right, and follow the path onward to talk to Dran
  • Head to the Campaign: Go to the Labyrinth (far-right area)
  • Walk up the stairs and on the bridge up the portal, you will find Dran
  • Talk to Dran in the Labyrinth
  • Head to N’Erud, forgotten prison
  • Go to the Tal Ratha Refuge in the forgotten prison
  • Talk to Dran in the forgotten prison in the room, right next to the prison
  • Start Campaign: Head to the Root Earth Ashen Wastelands, just past the courtyard, you will find Dran near the fence
  • Talk to Dran there
  • Head to Losomn, Morrow Parish
  • Go to the Tormented Asylum in Morrow Parish, walk towards the left side of the Down-Under
  • Talk to Dran in the Morrow Parish there
  • You will pop the Dran Dream, and pick the Occult Vessel
  • Head to the craft-woman McCabe, and craft the Anguish in Ward 13.

What you will need to craft an Anguish Handgun?

  • Occult Vessel from Dran
  • 7 Lumenite Crystal
  • 1000 Scrap

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