JJK Malevolent Kitchen or Shrine? Sukuna vs Mahoraga

JJK Malevolent Kitchen or Shrine? Sukuna vs Mahoraga

The most awaited battle in the series finally happened “Sukuna vs Mahoraga“. 

The episode started with Megumi summoning Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga.

After Megumi’s fight with Toji, he was badly hurt and exhausted and then suddenly Haruto comes and slashes his back.

Megumi then reveals his trump card by summoning the Mahoraga. However, he knew that he could not tame Mahoraga so he hoped that he would die along with Haruto.

Sukuna had other plans for Megumi, so he saved Megumi using the Reverse Curse Technique and started fighting Mahoraga. Find more about JJK Episode 42 (Mahito vs Yuji).

What is the correct Translation for Sukuna’s Domain Expansion Malevolent Kitchen or Shrine?

Sukuna started to fight Divine General Mahoraga. At the start, they were equally matched.

However, Sukuna was trying to figure out how Mahoraga was able to predict his moves. Sukuna kept slashing Mahoraga and he kept healing again and again.

He was a formidable enemy even for Sukuna. Their fight ended up slashing the remaining Shibuya.

Sukuna then realizes that Mahoraga is adapting to his attacks and figures out how to defeat him. He then uses his domain expansion.

Most of the websites like Crunchyroll, translated his domain’s name as Malevolent Kitchen while some translated it as Malevolent Shrine.

Sukuna’s domain translates as “Malevolent Shrine” or “Malevolent Kitchen,” representing a dark, ominous space associated with his power.

He can isolate an area to create his domain. It allows Sukuna to manipulate the space within the domain, enabling him to Cleave and Dismantle any living or non-living object within its radius of nearly 200 meters.

Fans are confused if his domain is called Shrine or Kitchen in English. Both “Malevolent Shrine” and “Malevolent Kitchen” are valid translations for Sukuna’s domain expansion.

Final Words

While Malevolent Shrine has been used many times in previous episodes and manga chapters, it can also be called Malevolent Kitchen. The exact reason for this translation is unknown.

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