[Solved] Discord Notifications Won't Go Away

[Solved] Discord Notifications Won’t Go Away

Are you experiencing persistent Discord notifications on your desktop or app that refuse to vanish? Let’s explore effective solutions to resolve this common issue.

Stubborn Notifications

At times, Discord notifications, particularly direct messages or unread message indicators, persistently remain visible despite attempts to clear them.

Probable Cause

This issue often occurs due to a glitch where the app fails to register message read status, leading to the perpetual display of unread indicators.

[Solved] Discord Notifications Won't Go Away

How To Fix Discord Notifications Won’t Go Away

  • Thoroughly Check Unread Messages: Ensure you’ve thoroughly scrolled through your direct messages and servers to verify all messages have been read.
  • Clear Discord Cache: Access Discord settings and clear the cache. Then, refresh the app to prompt the system to reassess read message statuses.
  • Inspect Notification Options: Review your notification settings within Discord to ensure no specific message or server is set to “unread.”
  • Logout and Login Again: Logout of Discord, close the application, then log back in. This action prompts the system to refresh and reevaluate message statuses.
  • Update Discord: Ensure you have the latest version of Discord installed. Outdated versions may contain bugs that cause persistent notification issues.

Final Thoughts

By diligently following these steps, you can address the issue of unwavering notifications on Discord, fostering a clutter-free messaging experience.

Remember, glitches and persistent notifications may vary based on app versions and device configurations. However, these steps offer a reliable starting point to address and rectify lingering notification issues on Discord.

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