[Solved] EA FC 24 Blue Screen Anti-Cheat Error

[Solved] EA FC 24 Blue Screen Anti-Cheat Error

Getting hit with a blue screen while playing EA FC 24 due to anti-cheat issues can be frustrating. But fear not, let’s explore what causes these problems and how to fix them, step by step.

The blue screen that pops up while you’re enjoying your game can be caused by a clash with the EA anti-cheat system. It happens when the game is trying to load the anti-cheat program, and your computer doesn’t quite agree with it, leading to a system crash.

You might have experienced a blue screen with error messages like “page fault in non” or just a sudden crash back to your desktop when launching the game. These are signs of the pesky anti-cheat issue.

EA FC 24 Blue Screen Anti-Cheat Error

How To Fix EA FC 24 Blue Screen Anti-Cheat Error

  • Check for Updates: Sometimes, updates can solve the issue. Make sure your game and anti-cheat software are up to date.
  • Admin Rights: Try running the game and the anti-cheat software as an administrator. Right-click, select “Run as Administrator,” and see if that helps.
  • Reinstallation: Reinstalling the anti-cheat software might do the trick. Uninstall it and then reinstall it through the game launcher.
  • Compatibility Mode: Playing around with compatibility settings can sometimes work wonders. Right-click the game’s launcher, go to Properties, and try different compatibility modes.
  • Reach Out for Help: If nothing seems to work, reaching out to EA’s support or checking out forums where others might have found solutions could be helpful.


Experiencing a blue screen due to EA FC 24’s anti-cheat can be a buzzkill, but there are ways to tackle it. By updating, running as an administrator, reinstalling, checking compatibility, and seeking help, you might just find the solution to enjoy your game without interruptions.

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