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[Solved] EA FC 24 Direct X Error

Are you facing issues with EA Sports FC 24 on your PC and encountering DirectX errors? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many gamers encounter similar troubles, but fret not—I’ve got you covered with some easy fixes!

The DirectX error in EA Sports FC 24 is a common snag that players encounter while running the game on their computers. This error usually points towards problems with the graphics driver or the game files, causing disruptions in gameplay.

EA FC 24 Direct X Error

How To Fix EA FC 24 Direct X Error

Update GPU Drivers

One of the primary reasons for the DirectX error is outdated or faulty GPU drivers. Ensure you have the latest drivers installed to smoothen your gaming experience.

Renaming Game Folders

Renaming specific folders within the game’s directory, such as “FC 24,” can sometimes resolve the DirectX error. Try renaming it to “FC 24CS” and check if the problem persists.

Verifying Game Files

Steam users can verify and repair game files by navigating through the library, right-clicking on EA Sports FC 24, accessing Properties, and clicking on the option to verify game files. This step might rectify any corrupted files causing the DirectX error.

Device Manager Check

Open Device Manager and locate your graphics card under Display adapters. Ensure your graphics card is functioning correctly and consider updating its drivers if needed.

Final Words

Remember, troubleshooting technical issues can sometimes be tricky, but with these straightforward steps, you might just bid adieu to those pesky DirectX errors in EA Sports FC 24!

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