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[Solved] EA FC 24 Freezing in Main Menu

EA FC 24 is an exciting game, but some players have faced a frustrating issue – the game freezing in the main menu. If you’re experiencing this problem, don’t worry – we’ve compiled some simple solutions to help you get past the freezing and enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

EA FC 24 Freezing in Main Menu

Graphics Settings Adjustment

The freezing issue might be connected to graphics settings, and some players believe it’s due to EA’s poor optimization of the game. As a temporary fix, try playing the game on lower graphics settings. Lowering settings can sometimes alleviate the freezing problem until a more permanent solution is provided through updates.

Report Bugs to EA

If you’re encountering freezing issues, make sure to report the bugs to EA. Visit the official EA Answers HQ forums or other designated bug-reporting channels to share your experience. This helps developers understand the extent of the issue and work towards a comprehensive solution.

Constant Menu Freezing Bug

For players experiencing constant menu freezing, consider checking for updates. Ensure your game is running the latest version, as developers often release patches to address performance issues. If the problem persists, report the bug on official forums for further assistance.

System Optimization

Optimize your system for better performance. Ensure your operating system is updated, and your graphics drivers are the latest versions. This can sometimes resolve compatibility issues causing the main menu freezing problem.

Check for User Modifications

If you’ve made modifications to the game or installed third-party software, these could be causing the freezing. Disable any mods or additional software and check if the freezing issue persists. Running the game in its original state may help identify the root cause.

Format and System Upgrade (For Windows Users)

In extreme cases, where freezing issues persist, some users on Reddit suggest formatting Windows 10 or upgrading to Windows 11. While this is a more drastic step, it might provide a fresh start and eliminate compatibility issues causing the main menu freezing.

EA FC 24 Freezing in Main Menu

Final Words

Experiencing freezing in the main menu of EA FC 24 can be frustrating, but these easy solutions should help you get back to enjoying the game without interruptions. Remember to adjust graphics settings, report bugs, and optimize your system for an enhanced gaming experience. If all else fails, reach out to the EA community for additional support. Happy gaming!

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