How To Fix Enshrouded Crashing (Steam)

[Solved] Enshrouded Stuck at 60HZ

Enshrouded, a gripping survival game, has encountered an issue where the screen refresh rate is seemingly capped at 60Hz, leading to a less-than-optimal gaming experience despite higher frame rates. Players have reported that the game feels laggy, and the development team is actively investigating the problem. While a permanent fix is in progress, here is a detailed guide on a temporary workaround and potential solutions to enhance gameplay smoothness.

How To Fix Enshrouded Low FPS Issue - Increase Performance

What is the Issue?

Players have reported that even when their frame rates (FPS) counter displays higher values, the in-game experience feels limited to 60FPS. This discrepancy can result in a less responsive and fluid gaming experience.

Temporary Workaround: Limiting FPS to 60

As a temporary solution, some players have found relief by manually limiting the FPS to 58 or 60 from the Nvidia Control Panel. While this may not be an ideal fix, it can help mitigate the perceived lag until an official resolution is implemented.

Developer Acknowledgment

The development team is aware of the 60Hz limitation issue and is actively working on a solution. Regularly check official channels for updates from the developers regarding potential fixes.

Driver Updates

Keep your graphics drivers up-to-date. Check for the latest driver updates from your GPU manufacturer and install them. Updated drivers may include optimizations for better performance.


While the 60Hz limitation issue in Enshrouded is inconvenient, the temporary workaround and potential solutions outlined above can help improve your gaming experience.

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