Escape From Tarkov Invalid URL

[Solved] Escape From Tarkov Invalid URL

If you’ve encountered an “Invalid URI” error while launching Tarkov, you’re not alone. These errors often surface due to incorrect URL formatting or parsing issues within the game.

Inaccurate URL Formatting

Improperly formed or erroneous URLs can trigger the “Invalid URI” error.

Parsing Problems

When the hostname or URI is not parsed correctly, it can lead to this error, hindering smooth game execution.

Escape From Tarkov Invalid URL

How To Fix Escape From Tarkov Invalid URL

Verify URL Accuracy

Ensure that URLs are correctly entered and formatted within the game settings.

Utilize IP Addresses

Changing from hostnames to server IP addresses might alleviate parsing problems.

Reboot and Save

Clicking the default button, inserting the server IP address, saving settings, and restarting the game has proven helpful for some users.

To preemptively tackle “Invalid URI” errors, maintaining accurate and well-formed URLs within the game configuration is crucial.


Facing “Invalid URI” errors in Tarkov can disrupt gameplay, but understanding the root causes and employing quick fixes or preventive measures can effectively address these issues. By ensuring precise URL formatting and utilizing IP addresses where necessary, players can enjoy smoother gameplay experiences in Tarkov.

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