Lethal Company Bigger Lobby Mod Not Working After Update v45

[Solved] Lethal Company Mod MoreCompany Not Working

If you’re facing issues with the MoreCompany mod in Lethal Company, here’s a guide in simple steps to help resolve the problem:

Lethal Company Mod MoreCompany Not Working

How To Fix Lethal Company Mod MoreCompany Not Working

Ensure that the MoreCompany mod you’ve downloaded is compatible with the current version of Lethal Company. Mods need to match the game’s version to work correctly.

Double-check that you’ve correctly installed the MoreCompany mod by following these steps:

  • Locate the game’s mod folder.
  • Confirm that the mod files are placed in the right directory as instructed by the mod’s installation guide. For example, double check the plugin’s folder if it has the DLL file that came with the mod file.

Remove other mods like Bigger Lobby Mod

If you have other mods installed like Lethal Company Bigger Lobby Mod, there might be conflicts causing issues with MoreCompany. Try these steps:

  • Remove or temporarily disable other mods.
  • Restart the game to see if the MoreCompany mod functions without conflicts.

Ensure you’re downloading the MoreCompany mod from trusted sources. Sometimes, faulty downloads or incorrect versions can cause mods to malfunction.

Check for updates or patches for the MoreCompany mod. Mod creators might release fixes or updates to address compatibility issues with newer game versions.

If the mod continues to malfunction, try reinstalling it from scratch:

  • Remove the current MoreCompany mod files from the game’s mod folder.
  • Download the mod again from a reliable source.
  • Follow the installation steps precisely and launch the game to check if the mod is now working.

Contact Mod Developers

Reach out to the developers or creators of the MoreCompany mod. They might provide specific guidance or an update to resolve the issue you’re facing.

Final Words

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot the MoreCompany mod in Lethal Company and hopefully get it working smoothly for an enhanced gaming experience.

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