Open AI ChatGPT Website Not Working 2024

[Solved] Open AI ChatGPT Website Not Working 2024

ChatGPT website is not accessible by many users right now. As the number of users has increased, so have the issues. The main problem behind this is that the servers used by OpenAI to host the ChatGPT service cannot handle the high load. However, this time the page is not displaying anything, it’s a blank page. This will likely be temporary and eventually will be fixed by the developers. You can try the steps mentioned below if you think the issue is from your end.

Open AI ChatGPT Website Not Working 2024

Check Your Network and Server

The first step is to ensure your network connection is stable. Sometimes, poor connectivity can hinder the performance of ChatGPT. Also, check for any server-related issues that might affect its functioning.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Sometimes accumulated cache and cookies can interfere with the proper functioning of ChatGPT. Clearing these from your browser settings might help resolve the issue.\

How To Check if ChatGPT is down?

You can check ChatGPT status via the down detector and OpenAI status website. Also, you can check their socials like twitter to find out if chatGPT is really down.

If the above steps did not fix your issue then the issue is not from your end. ChatGPT by Open AI is currently down, not the actual GPT API but the website is currently down due to high traffic.

Final Words

There is not much you can do right now as the issue is from Open AI servers. The website is down and we don’t know how long the developers are going to take to fix this issue.

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