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[Solved] Palworld Memory Leak – Dedicated Servers Lagging and Crashing

Palworld, the exciting new survival game, has garnered attention for its unique gameplay. However, players and server hosts have reported a significant concern – the Palworld memory leak issue, particularly on dedicated servers. This problem is leading to laggy gameplay, instability, and eventual crashes. In this article, we will explore the Palworld memory leak problem on dedicated servers, its impact, and potential solutions.

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Palworld Memory Leak Issue

A memory leak occurs when a program allocates memory for certain operations but fails to release it properly. In the case of Palworld, this issue seems to be more pronounced on dedicated servers. As players engage in the game, the server’s RAM usage gradually increases over time, resulting in performance degradation and eventual crashes.

Symptoms of the Memory Leak Issue

  1. Laggy Gameplay: Players may experience increased lag and delays in response time during gameplay.
  2. Server Instability: Dedicated servers become increasingly unstable as RAM usage climbs.
  3. Crashes: The game may eventually crash due to excessive memory consumption.

Impact on Palworld Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are crucial for providing a stable and enjoyable multiplayer experience in Palworld. However, the memory leak issue poses a significant challenge for server hosts and players. The game’s performance degrades over time, affecting the overall quality of the gaming experience.

Reports about the memory leak issue have surfaced on various platforms, including Reddit and official forums. Players have expressed concerns about the impact on their dedicated servers and the need for a prompt resolution. While the developer, Pocketpair, is aware of the problem, a comprehensive fix is yet to be implemented.

How To Fix Palworld Memory Leak

  1. Regular Server Restarts: Some server hosts recommend restarting the Palworld server at regular intervals to alleviate memory leaks temporarily.
  2. Monitoring RAM Usage: Keeping a close eye on server RAM usage and taking proactive measures when nearing critical levels may help mitigate crashes.
  3. Developer Updates: Players eagerly await official updates from Pocketpair that address the memory leak issue comprehensively.

I’ve been using Dathost for my server, facing the same issue. I’ve to restart and stop the server again and again. Same thing happens again and again and there is no fix right now. I hope Palworld developers fix this issue asap.


The Palworld memory leak issue on dedicated servers is a challenging obstacle for players and hosts alike. While temporary solutions exist, a comprehensive fix from the developers is crucial for a seamless gaming experience. The community remains hopeful that Pocketpair will address this concern in upcoming updates to ensure Palworld continues to be an enjoyable and stable multiplayer experience for all players.

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