[Solved] Starfield Sneak Attack Not Working

[Solved] Starfield Sneak Attack Not Working

In Starfield, encountering problems with sneak attacks can hinder gameplay. Here’s how to address the issue effectively.

To perform a successful sneak attack in Starfield, specific conditions must be met:

  • Unlock the Stealth skill tier in your skill tree.
  • Crouch to hide and approach enemies without being detected.
  • Use suppressed or melee weapons for sneak attacks.
Starfield Sneak Attack Not Working

How To Fix Starfield Sneak Attack Not Working

Perform multiple successful sneak attacks to rank up the Stealth skill level. Practice and execute successful sneak attacks to improve your Stealth skill.

Uninstall and Reinstall Starfield

One of the primary troubleshooting steps involves reinstalling the game. For console players, executing a clean reinstall might resolve underlying issues causing the sneak attack problem.

Verify Stealth Meter Status

Ensure your stealth meter displays “hidden” instead of caution when attempting sneak attacks. This status discrepancy might hinder successful sneak attacks.

Perfecting Stealth Attacks

To perform a successful sneak attack, you need to unlock the Stealth skill tier, crouch to hide, select suppressed or melee weapons, approach enemies while hidden, and execute the attack strategically.

Starfield Sneak Attack Not Working

Final Words

Troubleshooting sneak attacks not working in Starfield involves understanding the game’s mechanics and ensuring you meet the criteria for successful sneak attacks. Pay attention to your stealth status, skill progression, and choice of weaponry to enhance your ability to execute successful sneak attacks.

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