Starters Not Playing in Madden NFL 24

[Solved] Starters Not Playing in Madden NFL 24

Encountering an issue where your starters aren’t taking the field in Madden NFL 24 can be frustrating. However, there are effective solutions to resolve this problem swiftly.

In franchise mode, some users face a situation where despite the correct depth chart settings, the bench players play instead of the intended starters during the game.

Starters Not Playing in Madden NFL 24

How To Fix Starters Not Playing in Madden NFL 24

Progressive Fatigue Setting

Access the Franchise Settings under Options, then League Settings, and disable the Progressive Fatigue option. This step ensures your starters remain available for gameplay consistently.

Adjust Fatigue Slider

Navigate to Gameplay Settings and lower the Fatigue Slider to zero. This tweak helps in managing player fatigue and ensures your chosen starters take the field as intended.

Numerous Madden enthusiasts have found success with these steps. Turning off Progressive Fatigue and adjusting the Fatigue Slider have proven effective in ensuring the correct players participate in the game.

Starters Not Playing in Madden NFL 24

Final Words

By implementing these straightforward adjustments in franchise and gameplay settings, you can overcome the issue of starters not playing in Madden NFL 24. These steps enable you to enjoy the game with your desired lineup, ensuring an optimal gaming experience.

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