[Solved] Steam Year in Review 2023 Not Showing

[Solved] Steam Year in Review 2023 Not Showing

Are you excited to see your year in gaming on Steam? The Steam Year in Review is a cool feature that shows your gaming highlights from the past year. But what happens when it doesn’t show up correctly?

Why Isn’t My Steam Year in Review Showing 2023?

Many Steam users have faced a common issue where their Year in Review displays the previous year instead of the current one. For instance, it might show 2022 instead of 2023, even though the year isn’t over yet!

[Solved] Steam Year in Review 2023 Not Showing

What’s Causing This Issue?

The problem arises due to how the system updates and calculates your gaming data. Sometimes, it might lag behind or display the wrong year prematurely.

How to Fix It?

Fortunately, there’s a simple fix! Try logging out of Steam and then logging back in. This simple relogin often triggers the system to refresh and correctly display your Year in Review for 2023.

The Year in Review offers fascinating insights into your gaming habits. It highlights the games you played the most, achievements unlocked, playtime statistics, and more. It’s a fantastic way to reminisce about your gaming journey throughout the year.

Why Is It Important?

The Year in Review isn’t just about nostalgia; it’s a reflection of your gaming experiences. It’s a way to celebrate your gaming achievements, revisit favorite titles, and perhaps discover trends in your gaming habits.


While it can be frustrating when your Steam Year in Review doesn’t show the correct year, a simple relogin often does the trick. Once fixed, dive into your personalized gaming journey, relive memorable moments, and appreciate the gaming adventures that made your year special.

Remember, your Year in Review is a snapshot of your unique gaming story, so embrace it and enjoy the journey it showcases.

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