The Finals TFSS0011 - Stuck on Connecting

[Solved] The Finals TFLA0000 – Your Login Attempt Failed

Are you facing issues trying to log into The Finals and encountering the frustrating “Your login attempt failed” error and an error code The Finals TFLA0000? Here’s a guide to help resolve this problem.

The error code TFLA0000 indicates a login failure in The Finals, preventing players from accessing the game. This issue often leads to confusion and frustration among players.

The Finals TFLA0000 - Your Login Attempt Failed

Check Your Internet Connection

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Try switching between different networks, if possible, to rule out connectivity issues.

Restart The Game

A simple yet effective solution is to restart The Finals. Close the game entirely and relaunch it to check if the error persists.

Check for Updates

Ensure that you have the latest version of the game installed. Sometimes, outdated versions can trigger login issues leading to the TFLA0000 error.

VPN Usage

Some players have found success using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to bypass this error. Experiment with different VPNs to see if it helps.

Game Server Status

At times, the error might stem from issues on the game’s servers. Checking the status of The Finals servers online or through official announcements might provide insights into ongoing server problems.

In some cases, waiting it out or attempting multiple logins might eventually lead to a successful connection. Patience and persistence often pay off in resolving login issues.

If the issue persists, reaching out to The Finals’ support team or checking their official forums might provide more specific guidance or information about the error.


Encountering The Finals TFLA0000 “Your login attempt failed” error in The Finals can be frustrating, but trying different troubleshooting steps like checking your internet connection, experimenting with VPNs, and seeking support might help resolve the issue.

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