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[Solved] Valorant Episode 8 VAN 1067

Valorant, the beloved tactical shooter, can sometimes be interrupted by the pesky VAN 1067 error code. This disruption leaves players scratching their heads, wondering how to swiftly resolve it and get back into the immersive gameplay. Let’s dive into what this error entails and explore effective solutions to bid farewell to the VAN 1067 error for good.

Valorant Episode 8 VAN 1067

What is the VAN 1067 Error in Valorant?

The VAN 1067 error surfaces as an unexpected hurdle for Valorant enthusiasts, often popping up at launching the game. It commonly signals issues with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 within the system. This error can result from internal inconsistencies, causing frustration among players eager to engage in seamless matches.

How To Fix Valorant Episode 8 VAN 1067

Updating TPM 2.0 Firmware

Ensuring the TPM 2.0 firmware is up-to-date can significantly mitigate the occurrence of the VAN 1067 error. This involves navigating to the device’s settings and initiating a firmware update.

Verification of Valorant Files

Verifying the integrity of Valorant game files through the client settings can rectify potential corruptions that trigger the VAN 1067 error.

Compatibility Mode Configuration

Implementing compatibility mode settings can serve as a workaround, aiding in bypassing the error by adjusting the game’s compatibility with the system.

Consulting Technical Support

Engaging with Valorant’s technical support team or seeking assistance from relevant forums can provide tailored solutions and guidance for resolving the VAN 1067 error.

Revert back to Windows 10

If nothing else works, you can always revert back to Windows 10 and this error will not show up again on your system.

Valorant Episode 8 VAN 1067


The VAN 1067 error in Valorant, although disruptive, is not insurmountable. Armed with a deeper understanding of its origins and effective troubleshooting techniques, players can confidently navigate through these technical hurdles and immerse themselves once again in the captivating world of Valorant.

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