How To Fix WWE 2K24 Crashing

[Solved] WWE 2K24 PS5 Error CE-108255-1

WWE 2K24 is here, letting you unleash your inner wrestling superstar on the PlayStation 5. But sometimes, the excitement can screech to a halt when you run into the dreaded Error CE-108255-1. This annoying glitch generally means your game has crashed unexpectedly, leaving you frustrated and ringside.

[Solved] WWE 2K24 PS5 Error CE-108255-1

Why Does This Error Happen?

Unfortunately, there’s no single culprit behind this error. It could be a range of things like:

  • Game Bugs: New releases sometimes have pesky bugs, and WWE 2K24 is no exception. Glitches within the game’s code might be causing it to crash.
  • Corrupted Files: Something might have gone wrong with your game’s installation files, either during the initial download or over time.
  • Outdated PS5 Software: If your console isn’t running the latest system software, it might lead to compatibility problems with some games.
  • Hardware Issues: In rarer cases, there might be a problem with your PS5’s internal hardware.

How To Fix WWE 2K24 PS5 Error CE-108255-1

Let’s step into the ring and try some solutions:

Power cycle your PS5 fully (not just rest mode). If that doesn’t work, consider a factory reset, but remember to back up your data first! Make sure both your PS5 system software and WWE 2K24 are running the latest versions. Developers often release patches that fix known issues.

This handy PS5 feature helps fix problems caused by corrupted data. To do this, boot your PS5 into Safe Mode. You can find instructions on the PlayStation website.

If the error persists, delete WWE 2K24 from your PS5 and reinstall it. This will give you a fresh copy of the game files.

Check out the official 2K Support website ( They might have specific troubleshooting guides for WWE 2K24 issues or be aware of widespread bugs.

Sony’s support channels could offer additional help, especially if the error seems linked to your PS5 itself.

Final Words

While errors like CE-108255-1 are a pain, there are usually ways to get things working again. With some patience and these troubleshooting steps, you’ll be back to delivering those signature moves in WWE 2K24 in no time.

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