Star Wars Jedi Survivor Setting up Again and Again After Launch - Fixed!

How to Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stuck on 40 FPS

Our favorite RedHead, Cal Kestis, returns to take revenge on “The Dark Side of the Force,” having grown much stronger, wiser, and more importantly, mature. Star Wars Jedi Survivor introduces many new mechanics, such as Creatures, Lightsaber Stance, Precise Evade, Semi-Open World, and much more. Many of us are experiencing an issue in the game where we can’t go beyond 60, 40, or even 50 FPS. Here’s How to Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stuck on 40 FPS.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stuck on 60 FPS
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stuck on 60 FPS

Why is the game stuck on 40?

There are various options you need to check before making a conclusion as to whether the game here is at issue or not. Sometimes, the game doesn’t allow more than 40 because of being too early.

Other times, it could be because of your system settings, your in-game settings, or even your Gaming Monitor/LED attached to the system.

How to Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stuck on 40 FPS

  • Check in-game settings for a system Cap
  • Meet the Recommended Requirements for having more than 40
  • Check whether your monitor has more than 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • Check whether your Vsync is enabled or not
  • Disable all Software that Cap FPS
  • Disable AMD and Nvidia Battery Savers for Laptop
  • Change System Battery Settings to Performance
  • Plug in your Charger on Laptop
  • Go to Nvidia Control Panel and Turn Off Vsyns and FPS cap (do the same for in-game settings)
  • Use a Dual Link DVI


Star Wars Jedi Survivor just recently got released and players have been going wild after it. In case you want to How to Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stuck on 40 FPS you can do the following;

  • Plug your Monitor with the Dual Link DVI Cable or you can also do so with a Port Cable and set your monitor to its fullest (144Hz, 120Hz, etc)
  • Go to Nvidia Control Panel and then find Refresh Rate in the Change Resolution section. From there, also take the Refresh rate to the maximum
  • Check the Drivers and make sure they are made to work with the 144 Hz or a higher Refresh Rate than 40 Hz.
  • Go to Nvidia Control Panel and then from there to Manage 3D Settings inside the 3D settings. Then go to Global Settings and from there to the Preferred Refresh Rate. Click on Highest Available.

In case nothing works and even all of this didn’t help you go beyond 40, you can just wait for a few days because sometimes the issue is related to the servers and not the actual system you are playing on. Waiting is the only choice in that

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