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Starfield Major Features And Activities

Bethesda’s newest space RPG is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Keep reading this article for all of Starfield Major Features and Activities.

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Character Creation 

Like most RPGs, character creation is an integral part of Starfield. There are 40 character presets to help you find a good starting point. Once you have that, you can customize every tiny detail of your character according to your individual preferences. This includes body shape, size, skin tone, hairstyle, facial features, and even teeth.

Next, you need to decide on a background for your character. There are about 20 backgrounds to choose from, including combat medic, bouncer, professor, homesteader, etc. Each is associated with three starting skills. These include persuasion, bargaining, medicine, etc.

Lastly, you have to pick three optional traits for your character. The unique thing about Starfield traits is that they have both positive and negative aspects. Luckily, you’re not stuck with the traits you choose here permanently. You can get rid of them by completing certain sidequests. 

Open World Gameplay

Much like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, Starfield also features rich open-world gameplay. You can visit any planet of your choosing and explore almost every building you see. A comprehensive star map indicates the type of resources found on each planet along with its atmospheric conditions. 

Other than basking in the varied flora and fauna of each planet, you can also encounter its local alien species. There are about a thousand planets in the game. Only about 100 of these are home to some form of life, like humans, aliens, and plants. The planetary surfaces are procedurally generated, although significant locations remain consistent across sessions. 

And the cherry on top? You can switch perspectives from third to first person anytime you need to do so in the game.

Base Building 

With the freedom to explore a thousand planets, some players may understandably be looking for a little stability. You can build a base on any planet of your choice to establish a permanent presence there. Such a base can range from a simple flag on the ground to a more complex outpost. 

The game lets you customize everything about your base, including the interior. But these bases aren’t just for aesthetic purposes. Extractor machines can drill for resources in your absence, generating passive income. You can also set up trade links between planets to make the resources of one planet available to another. Although, this process is quite costly. 

Spaceship Customization 

Startfield’s open-world explorative nature isn’t limited to just planets. You can build your own ship and use it to explore the vastness of space. Other than ship building, you can also buy, trade, and steal ships.

When building a spaceship in the game, you can either use premade stock models as your customizable base. Or hand-design it from scratch using individual modules from different ship manufacturers. These modules also determine your ship’s performance and attributes, in addition to its appearance. 

The game also allows for spaceship battles. As such, a weapon crafting system lets you equip your ship with an arsenal of space firearms. There is also the Targeting Control Systems skill to target enemy weak spots. To purchase any upgrades for your ship, head to a spaceport and interact with the technician there. 

Starfield Major Features And Activities


With Starfield’s gigantic open world, things can get lonely from time to time. That’s why the game features a bunch of companion characters you encounter throughout your journey. There are a total of 20 named characters in the game. 

Four of these act as main companion characters. Each companion character has a unique set of skills you can leverage in all situations. You’ll spend the majority of the game with these characters. They serve as crew members on your ship and outposts and can aid you in on-foot exploration. 

And that’s not all these companions offer. There are also companion quests offering the possibility to blossom these basic relationships into romance.

Factions and Aliens 

The game features a bunch of factions with their own agenda and goals. Major factions include the United Colonies, the Freestar Collective, and the Crimson Fleet. There are also smaller factions, which may be either religious in nature or mercenary troops. 

If you encounter one of these factions, you can use your diplomatic skills to resolve the situation peacefully. If that fails, you may have no choice other than to engage in combat. There are also aliens inhabiting many of the planets you come across. Some of them ignore you, while others may view you as a warm meal.

Combat and Weapons

While Starfield does give you the opportunity to avoid conflicts using your diplomatic and persuasion skills, there are times when combat is the only option available. For these situations, Starfield offers some impressive gunplay with fluid animations, aiming down sights, and quick melee attacks.

There are tons of familiar and exotic weapons to choose from. And there are no restrictions on what weapons you can or cannot use. Anytime you find a new weapon, you can pick it up and use it as you see fit. There are also multiple types of grenades available. 

Space Magic

Last but not least, Starfield also seems to feature some supernatural abilities. Uncommented Starfield footage shows the player being able to suspend gravity with a mere hand gesture. Unfortunately, there isn’t much else known about this aspect of the game.

Starfield Major Features And Activities


Starfield has a bunch of cool features like companions, space magic, ship customization and more. We hope this guide on Starfield Major Features and Activities helps. As always, happy gaming!

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