Street Fighter 6 (SF6) Modern Controls Explained!

Street Fighter 6 (SF6) Modern Controls Explained!

The game just sold 50 Million Units and 1 Million players are playing it, terming it as the king of all fighting games. Beating Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and previous Street Fighter games as well. Well, we can give Modern Controls that credit, but why though? To answer this question we have here Street Fighter 6 (SF6) Modern Controls Explained Guide. Let’s go onwards, shall we?

Street Fighter 6 (SF6) Modern Controls Explained!

What are Modern Controls?

Just as the name suggests, the modern controls are aimed toward the newer players, who are just starting out with fighting games. These are completely new and counter the classic controls you have been using in nearly all the fighting games, especially SF6.

Modern Controls Buttons

The basic purpose of modern controls is to make the use of buttons simpler. Instead of the 6 buttons on the classic controls, you now have to deal with only 4 of those. These being;

  • Special with Y or Triangle
  • Heavy with B or Circle
  • Medium with A or Cross
  • Light with X or Square

You can basically see for yourself that the four types of attacks are divided across the four buttons. Special Moves were a nightmare with the classic ones and with the Modern Controls in Street Fighter 6, you can just press a button which gives a direction to use them.

Furthermore, for flexibility, there are other shortcuts as well, like;

  • Grab with LT or L2
  • Auto Combo with RT or R2
  • Drive Impact with LB or L1
  • Drive Parry with RB or R1

Someone might even argue that we are basically back to the same old 8 Button Layout, but that is not the case here. Press the Auto Combo, hold it, and then press a normal attack button for the combo. How convenient it is…

The combo ends with the Super Art or the OverDrive Special Attack. Hold the Auto Combo Button and then press the Special Button to have OverDrive Special Attack instantly.

Street Fighter 6 (SF6) Modern Controls Explained!

The Verdict

You can basically crown the Modern Controls for the popularity of Street Fighter 6. Here we have our Street Fighter 6 (SF6) Modern Controls Explained Guide where we basically give you the buttons and explain their use in detail here.

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