Tekken 8 Demo Controller Not Working PC Steam

[Solved] Tekken 8 Demo Controller Not Working PC Steam

Playing Tekken 8 should be a blast, but some folks encounter problems getting their controllers to work on PC Steam. Let’s break down the Tekken 8 Demo Controller Not Working and find some solutions in simple terms.

Tekken 8 Demo Controller Not Working PC Steam

Why My Controller Is Not Working on Tekken 8?

PS4 Controller Woes

PS4 controllers, like DS4 v2, sometimes don’t cooperate with Tekken 8 on PC. Users report trying different fixes without success.

General Controller Concerns

It’s not just PS4 controllers. Other gamepads, like Xbox 360 or wired ones, have also faced recognition issues with different games.

How To Fix Tekken 8 Demo Controller Not Working

Steam Settings Check

  • Find Tekken 8 in your Steam library.
  • Right-click and select Properties.
  • Head to the Controller section.
  • Ensure settings allow controller usage.

Steam Input Configuration

  • Open game Properties.
  • Look for Controller settings.
  • Enable Steam Input to allow controllers to function.

Some users use software like DS4Windows or Steam Input settings to trick the game into recognizing their controllers.

Final Words

Experiencing controller issues while gearing up for Tekken 8 can be frustrating. By checking and tweaking Steam settings, exploring third-party software, or seeking community advice, you might uncover ways to get your controller back in the game.

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