The RL-112 Recoilless Rifle: Your Anti-Tank Solution in Helldivers

The RL-112 Recoilless Rifle: Your Anti-Tank Solution in Helldivers

In the intense battles of Helldivers, having the right equipment can make all the difference between victory and defeat. One such essential tool in your arsenal is the RL-112 Recoilless Rifle, a straightforward yet highly effective anti-tank weapon that often becomes the go-to choice for Helldivers.

The RL-112 Recoilless Rifle: Your Anti-Tank Solution in Helldivers

What is the RL-112 Recoilless Rifle?

The RL-112 Recoilless Rifle is renowned among Helldivers for its simplicity and remarkable effectiveness against armored targets, particularly tanks. It is often the first anti-tank weapon unlocked by Helldivers due to its accessibility and reliability in combat situations.

The RL-112 possesses a unique set of traits that make it stand out from other Helldiver weaponry:

  • High Damage-Per-Shot: Each rocket packs a powerful blast. Even armored targets will feel the burn, making it efficient for eliminating major threats quickly.
  • Armor Penetration: Don’t let heavy armor fool you. The RL-112 thrives at shredding tough hides and vehicle shells, great for taking on anything from armored bugs to heavily fortified cyborgs.
  • Decent Rate of Fire: While not a machine gun, the RL-112 is far from slow. You can dish out consistent damage, ensuring sustained pressure on your foes.

When to Deploy the Might of the RL-112

Here’s where this weapon truly shines:

  • Anti-Tank Duties: If enemy armor is rolling your way, the RL-112 is the answer. Its focused damage output can make short work of heavy vehicles.
  • Crowd Buster: While overkill for individual enemies, clusters are a prime target. A well-placed rocket can clear a space quickly, relieving pressure on your squad.
  • Boss Killer: Larger, high-health enemies are more vulnerable to the RL-112’s punch than standard rifles. Focus fire alongside your team to bring those behemoths down fast.

The RL-112 has some quirks to be aware of:

  • The Kickback Factor: This isn’t a point-and-spray weapon. Each shot has recoil, so you’ll need to compensate your aim after firing. Practice makes perfect!
  • Precision Weapon: Think of it like a sniper rifle, but with explosions. Line up each shot carefully to maximize potential damage and avoid splash damage to your team.
  • Upgrades are Essential: Research unlocks upgrades that enhance ammo capacity, damage, and even add unique effects. Investment pays off on the battlefield!

A powerful multi-purpose recoilless rifle for taking out larger targets. The RL-112 is delivered with a backpack containing additional ammunition.

Final Words

The RL-112 Recoilless Rifle is a weapon of focused destruction. While it takes a bit of skill to wield effectively, those who master its power and apply it strategically become invaluable assets to any Helldiver squad.sharemore_vert

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