Valorant on Console

Valorant on Console: Arrival of Valorant on Xbox and PS5

Every gamer is familiar with Valorant in one way or another. It might be because you indirectly heard of CSGO that led to Valorant or you might have played it. Amazingly we PC gamers barely notice that Valorant isn’t for Consoles because of this Riot’s FPS Game quick match finding and the views it usually gets. However, there has been some news for the Coming of Valorant on Console. So, we are going to discuss it here in our article.

What is Valorant

For those unfamiliar with Valorant, it is one of the most famous games for PCs and the FPS Genre. It looks like a cartoonish copy of CSGO, but all jokes aside, it is changing. Valorant is continuously breaking the limitations of an FPS competitive game for both casual and competitive valorant coaches and players.

Valorant is a 5v5 Competitive shooter that relies deeply on your movement, strafing, headshot accuracy, and spray control. Nevertheless, there are abilities for each character as well, while characters are divided into categories depending on these abilities. 

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PC Exclusive game

Yes, you heard it right. Valorant is and previously was Exclusive for PC and there is a good reason behind it. Valorant isn’t like typical FPS games you can add aim assist, making it easier for controller players to play.

It relies ultimately on your aim just like CSGO, I mean exactly like CSGO!!! If you add that aim assist, it will take away the joy. Besides this, the game is developed in a way that you just can’t make a Console Player play up against a PC pro because it’s not fair by any means.

So, it is hard work just to add separate mechanisms for Valorant so that Console players can also enjoy it. We didn’t go into the debate of Console players playing on Keyboard and Mouse because it’s the same thing as PC players. The controller is the thing that separates the fan base.

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Valorant on Console: The News so Far!

So, as of now, we got the news Valorant Developers are working for Valorant on Console. There are jobs coming out from Riot Games that are taking in developers for Console and also some details from the data mines tell us things are going on for Valorant Console.

Furthermore, some people also found some files in Valorant that refer to the Xbox Live, as well as PSN. Therefore, we know for sure things are going to change a bit and Console players can finally get their hands on Valorant.

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Which Console is getting Valorant?

Both the Play Station 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X/S are going to get the Console Valorant version. 

When will Valorant on Console be Released?

In October 2022 we got news of Riot working for Valorant on Console and from that onwards we got no news. So, it’s not quite sure when will Valorant on Console be released.

Will there be Console and Mobile Valorant Crossplay?

This news isn’t quite sure but Valorant Mobile is closer to launching followed by a Console Valorant as well. The news isn’t genuine but there are some rumors going around that there will be a Crossplay between the Mobile Valorant and Console Valorant. 

Is Xbox Live and PS Plus available for Valorant Console?

Yes, both the PS Plus and Xbox Live are going to be included in the Valorant Console release. 


Well, that is all to the news of Valorat on Console. The news isn’t authentic and not from Riot Games themselves as all of these are speculations. The Data Miners and Developers or fans of Valorant tried to dig deep into the files and found all the stuff we discussed in this Article. So, things aren’t quite sure but still, we have high hopes for the Arrival of Valorant on Xbox and PS5. 

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