Valorant Outlaw Sniper vs Marshal - Which is Best?

Valorant Outlaw Sniper vs Marshal – Which is Best?

Valorant’s weaponry is expanding with the introduction of the Outlaw Sniper, sparking comparisons with the well-established Marshal. Let’s dive into the differences between these two rifles to help you make an informed choice in the battlefield.

Outlaw Sniper Insights

  • Pricing and Power: The Outlaw falls between the Marshal and the Operator in terms of price and power, costing more than the Marshal but less than the formidable Operator.
  • Stats: It offers high impact with its double-barreled mechanism and a cost of 2,400 credits, presenting an intriguing middle-ground option for players.
Valorant Outlaw Sniper vs Marshal - Which is Best?

Marshal Overview

  • Economy Choice: The Marshal, priced at 950 credits, offers a budget-friendly sniper option with decent power and accuracy.
  • Traits: Known for its economical price, it remains a formidable option, capable of two-shot kills with skilled accuracy.

Outlaw Sniper vs Marshal

Price Range

  • Outlaw: Priced at 2,400 credits, it offers a balance between affordability and potency.
  • Marshal: At 950 credits, it remains a cost-effective alternative for those looking to maintain an economical edge.

Firepower and Impact

  • Outlaw: Packs a higher punch compared to the Marshal, offering increased impact at a higher cost, one body hit can damage 140.
  • Marshal: Known for its affordability, it maintains decent power and accuracy, catering to players seeking an economical yet effective option.

If you prefer a more powerful, mid-tier sniper that offers increased impact and are willing to invest more credits. If maintaining an economical edge while still wielding a sniper rifle capable of precise kills is your priority.

Valorant Outlaw Sniper vs Marshal - Which is Best?


The Outlaw and Marshal present distinct choices for Valorant players seeking sniper rifles. The Outlaw, with its intermediate pricing and higher impact, caters to those seeking a potent mid-tier option. Meanwhile, the Marshal remains a budget-friendly alternative without compromising too much on precision and power.

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