Viewfinder Nope Bridge Trophy Guide - How to get it?

Viewfinder Nope Bridge Trophy Guide – How to get it?

Viewfinder has some really spectacular trophies, but the problem is always getting them. Don’t worry, here we have a Viewfinder nope bridge trophy guide, where we show you how to get it in the game. Let’s get started!

Viewfinder Nope Bridge Trophy Guide - How to get it?

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How to get nope bridge trophy?

You can get the trophy by traveling toward Chapter 3 and then proceeding to level 2.2 of this chapter.

After you are here, you need to find the cartoonish bridge picture and cut it using a blank picture. This helps you complete the objective and get this nope bridge trophy in return.

If you are having trouble, below we have all the details on the steps sorted out.

Viewfinder Nope Bridge Trophy Guide

  • Go to level 2.2 of Chapter 3
  • Go inside and interact with the Teleporter/Viewer at the front
  • Select the Next level on the right
  • Teleport to that level
  • Look at right while proceeding
  • Take the picture
  • Use it in the opposite direction
  • Proceed onwards to the area
  • Pick up the cartoonish picture
  • Use it besides the purple tree onwards
  • Now, take a blank picture
  • Use that picture at the left of the bridge
  • It will cut that bridge completing nope bridge trophy

The Verdict

To get the nope bridge trophy in Viewfinder, you will have to cut the cartoonish bridge using a blank picture. All of this is done on level 2.2 of chapter 3. Follow our Viewfinder Nope Bridge Trophy Guide to get a head start.

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