What does @highlight mean on Facebook?

What does @highlight mean on Facebook?

Facebook, one of the pioneers of Social Media platforms, has a trend of @highlight going on lately. What does @highlight mean on Facebook? It is used to highlight your posts giving them a bigger size and increasing their visibility.

Just like in X, formally known as Twitter, where you can Pin posts to put them on the front of the page, the same can be done with @highlight on Facebook now. It is one of the best features so far introduced to Meta Facebook in a while. So, let’s get into the details.

Facebook introduced @highlight Feature

The “highlight” feature of Facebook isn’t something new or recently added. It is quite old, but users are discovering it now, and trending in October 2023. The “@highlight” feature can basically pin your posts, making them more prominent by increasing the size and visibility of the feed of your profile.

When someone opens your profile news feed, they can see the “highlighted” post in a prominent manner, having more priority than other posts, just like in Twitter X’s Pinned Posts.

How to use the @highlight feature on Facebook?

You might have seen people commenting @highlight in their posts. That is basically how the “highlight” feature of Facebook works. There is no limit as to what people can @highlight on Facebook. It could be a photo, a comment, a written post, a video, a promotional business offer, or anything of their choice.

To use the @highlight feature of Facebook, you will have to go into the comment section of the post and write “@highlight”, without the quotes.

What does @highlight mean on Facebook? Here’s a tutorial to help you understand and use @highlight on Facebook

What does @highlight mean on Facebook?

Whenever you see someone using @highlight on Facebook, it means that they are trying to put emphasis on the post. It will appear before other posts, having an expanded size and enhanced visibility, in contrast to the other posts.

In the news feed, this post will be able to find much easier, as it is “highlighted”. Just like the Twitter X Pin feature, where it appears on the front page, the same could be said for the @highlight on Facebook.

Limitation of @highlight feature on Facebook

There aren’t known limitations except for the fact that they can be quite tricky to use sometimes. If you have multiple posts that you want to show first on your profile, only one of them can actually be the primary highlighted post, appearing before any other post.

As more you use this, the more your old highlighted posts are going to drop down in the feed. This can be quite tricky to micromanage sometimes.

What does @highlight mean on Facebook?

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