How to See Facebook Password (Without Changing It) [2023 Method]

How to See Facebook Password (Without Changing It) [2023 Method]

Nowadays passwords and credentials are saved on our smartphones. There is no need to remember anything, as it gets put automatically on the forum. Sometimes, you do want to see your Facebook password for specific reasons like changing phones, logging out, disabling the account, and so on.

How to see your Facebook password without changing it? Now that is something tricky, as you might have to press on the forget password and go on with the verification process to change the password.

Or, you can also check on the list of saved passwords in the browser or your smartphone to check that out. The second one is not a 100 percent success as it depends on your smartphone settings.

Below, we have a guide on how to Change Facebook Password Without Changing It at all. It is 2023 and things are quite changed in contrast to the previous major update of Facebook.

How to See My Facebook Password?

To see your Facebook Password, you can check your Android or iOS Saved Password List. How to do that?

See Facebook Password on iOS

  • Open Your Smartphone Settings
  • Go to the Saved Passwords
  • Find Facebook

Check the Password from there on your iPhone.

See Facebook Password on iOS

See Facebook Password on Android

  • Open Smartphone Settings
  • Go to Google
  • Check the Password Manager in Google Account
  • Find Facebook and check the password on your Android
See Facebook Password on Android


Checking your Facebook Password Without Changing it is an effortless process, as you will have to head over to the settings and from there check the saved passwords on iOS. You will need your iPhone credentials like PIN, password, fingerprint, or face ID. On Android, you can head over to the setting and from there to the Google Tab. All the credentials including your Facebook Password are stored there. You can also see your Instagram Password the same way.

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