What is the "Top 3 Sticker" in Instagram Story?

What is the “Top 3 Sticker” in Instagram Story?

Instagram is on a roll with its testing of new features that could boost community engagement. One of the most recent is the Top 3 sticker for Stories. Currently being tested after trial runs in Japan and Indonesia, this feature allows users to highlight their top three favorites of almost anything – accounts, music, places, and more.

This feature has been creating quite a buzz as it is reminiscent of MySpace’s ‘Top 8’, which was quite popular in the past. Meta, the parent company of Instagram, seems to be mining old trends for inspiration, leading to new forms of engagement. In this blog post, we will discuss Instagram’s new feature.

What is the "Top 3 Sticker" in Instagram Story?

The Infamous ‘Top 8’

Many of us remember MySpace’s ‘Top 8’ feature, which became quite popular among its users. The ‘Top 8’ was a listing of a user’s top eight friends that they wanted to showcase on their profile. For those old enough to remember, MySpace’s Top 8 was infamous for causing arguments and disputes among friends over who was included in the coveted list.

The ‘Top 3’ Sticker Option

Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known app researcher, recently posted images that reveal Instagram’s new ‘Top 3 sticker’ option for Stories. It is a new feature that enables users to select and showcase their favorite accounts, tracks, places, and more. This feature has caught the attention of many social media enthusiasts because it reminds them of MySpace’s ‘Top 8.’

What To Expect From This Sticker?

Instagram’s new ‘Top 3’ sticker option is similar to MySpace’s ‘Top 8’, and it might lead to similar disputes among teen users. However, this is probably what Meta wants, as it sparks engagement and keeps users hooked to the platform. It’s interesting to see how the company is mining existing and previous trends for inspiration and options.


In addition to the Top 3 sticker, Instagram has other useful sticker options for Stories that can help businesses and individuals promote their brands or connect with their audience. These include the testimonial sticker, which encourages followers to give feedback, and the product sticker, which can increase product awareness and sales.

Poll stickers are also a great way to gather insights and feedback from your audience, while the “Add Yours” sticker allows users to participate in public threads, creating a sense of community and fun on the platform.

Instagram’s focus on new features that promote engagement and community is sure to please its users. So stay tuned and watch out for these features, and who knows – they might just be the next big thing!

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