Why Can't I Follow Accounts on Instagram Right Now?

Why Can’t I Follow Accounts on Instagram Right Now?

Are you encountering the frustrating message on Instagram that says, “you can’t follow accounts right now, we’ve restricted certain activity to protect our community”? You’re not alone. Many users face this issue, often wondering why they’re unable to connect with new accounts or follow their friends and favorite profiles. Let’s delve into this matter to uncover the reasons behind this limitation and explore effective fixes.

Why Can't I Follow Accounts on Instagram Right Now?

Network Connection Glitches

Often overlooked, yet crucial, is the possibility of a faulty network connection. Poor internet connectivity can hinder your ability to perform various actions on Instagram, including following accounts.

Exceeding Follow Limits

Instagram imposes certain limits on the number of accounts you can follow within a specific time frame. If you’ve reached this limit, you’ll encounter the inability to follow more accounts until the restriction period ends.

Account Restrictions or Blocks

Being blocked by someone or encountering restrictions due to reported inauthentic activities can also prevent you from following accounts on Instagram. These actions limit your interaction with specific profiles.

Algorithmic Bugs

Recent updates or changes in Instagram’s algorithm might result in technical issues, causing the “you can’t follow accounts right now” error for many users. These bugs often get resolved with subsequent updates.

Account-Specific Blocks

Individual accounts may have blocked you, causing a barrier to following them. Checking if you’re unable to follow any account can help identify if this is a specific user block or a platform-wide issue.

How To Fix This Issue

Troubleshoot Connectivity

Ensuring a stable internet connection by switching networks or restarting your device can resolve network-related issues hindering your ability to follow accounts.

Wait for Follow Limit Reset

If you’ve hit the follow limit, patience is key. Instagram resets these limits after a specified time, allowing you to resume following accounts.

Review and Amend Actions

Assess your interactions and ensure compliance with Instagram’s community guidelines. Rectifying any reported inauthentic activities can restore your ability to follow accounts.

Update and Report Bugs

Keeping the Instagram app updated can address technical glitches. Reporting issues to Instagram support can expedite bug fixes for a smoother user experience.

Why Can't I Follow Accounts on Instagram Right Now?


Encountering the “you can’t follow accounts right now” message on Instagram can be frustrating, but it’s often a result of technical or policy-related limitations. By understanding these issues and implementing the suggested fixes, you can navigate through these hurdles and enjoy a seamless Instagram experience.

Remember, while some issues resolve on their own, others might require patience and adherence to platform guidelines. Stay informed, stay connected, and keep enjoying your Instagram journey!

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