Will Nightingale Support FSR3 At Launch?

Will Nightingale Support FSR3 At Launch?

The Nightingale developers recently made a decision regarding the support of AMD FSR3 (FidelityFX Super Resolution 3) in the game’s launch version. Initially, there were plans to integrate FSR3 into the game to enhance performance and visual quality for players using compatible hardware.

However, after conducting a thorough analysis of crash data from the Server Stress Test, the developers noticed a significant number of crashes associated with FSR3 integrations. These crashes occurred regardless of whether users had the FSR3 setting turned on or off.

Will Nightingale Support FSR3 At Launch?

No FSR3 At Launch

In light of this discovery, the Nightingale developers made the decision to temporarily remove FSR3 support from the launch build of the game. The primary goal behind this decision is to ensure better stability and minimize potential disruptions for players.

Despite the removal of FSR3 from the launch build, the developers have expressed their commitment to exploring the possibility of implementing FSR3 or an older version of FSR in future updates. They are currently collaborating with various external and internal teams to assess the feasibility of reintroducing FSR functionality while ensuring optimal performance and stability.

While this decision may disappoint some players who were looking forward to leveraging FSR3 technology in Nightingale, it reflects the developers’ dedication to delivering a polished and stable gaming experience. By prioritizing stability and performance, the developers aim to provide players with an enjoyable and seamless gameplay experience from the moment they launch the game.

Final Words

As development progresses and updates are rolled out, players can look forward to potential enhancements and optimizations, including the reintroduction of FSR3 or alternative solutions to improve performance and visual fidelity in Nightingale.

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