How To Acquire T1 Essence In Nightingale

How To Acquire T1 Essence In Nightingale

Nightingale is a captivating shared-world survival crafting game that invites players to go on a thrilling journey of survival and adventure. Set in the mysterious and dangerous Fae Realms, Nightingale offers players the chance to become intrepid Realm walkers, exploring a vast and immersive game world filled with wonders and perils alike.

What Are T1, T2, T3 Essence

The more players advance in the game, the journey becomes progressively more challenging. To tackle these difficulties, one must upgrade tools and weapons and for this, different levels of Essence are required like T1, T2, and T3 essence. These essences act as currency as well in the game which helps you in buying blueprints of various recipes. For now, we will talk about how you can get your hands on T1 Essence in Nightingale.

Tips To Remember: Think of T1 Essence as the green currency in Nightingale. It’s used to craft basic and advanced items, upgrade equipment, and even complete certain quests.

How To Acquire T1 Essence In Nightingale

Farming T1 Essence in the Realms

There are two ways through which you can gather T1 Essence. The first way is to place your footsteps within the realms, complete objectives and kill enemies to farm T1 Essence. But you can farm only in the Realms mentioned below.

  • Antiquarian Realm.
  • Astrolabe Realm.
  • Provisioner realm.

But these realms won’t give you much of the essence. Let’s see how we can get T1 Essence Effectively.

Farming T1 Essence in Fae Tower

The second and the best way to farm T1 Essence Effectively is by getting into the Fae Tower, you can see its exact location in the picture below. In this tower, you will have to kill some of the enemies in the first stage that will drop T1 Essence, You can see the Essence In the picture below, one in green color. In the next stage, you will have to solve a puzzle after solving it, you will again receive T1 essence.

After completing the stages and reaching the top of the table you will see “Realm’s Minor Card Machine” apply the Tressure Card, which will give more Essence than before.

Final Words

Now go forth, adventurer, and use the T1 Essence to unlock the hidden potential of items in Nightingale! Remember, the world is full of secrets waiting to be discovered, and you hold the key!

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