How To Craft Uncommon Upgrade In Nightingale

How To Craft Uncommon Upgrade In Nightingale

Nightingale is a captivating shared-world survival crafting game that invites players to go on a thrilling journey of survival and adventure exploring a vast and immersive game world filled with wonders you will find yourself tangled in some quest-like tasks and you have to unlock them.

Basically, some of these tasks are assigned to help you increase your game powers at the start of the game. Craft Uncommon Upgradewill be assigned to you in the early stages of the game. Let’s see what this task is and how we can complete it.

How To Craft Uncommon Upgrade In Nightingale

What is Craft Uncommon Upgrade

It is a quest-like task, which will require you to upgrade a common item. You just have to upgrade one of the level 20 items and this quest will be completed. You can also see it on the right side of the screen while playing Nightingale. Let’s see how we can complete this task.

How to Complete Craft Uncommon Upgrade

In order to complete “Craft Uncommon Upgrade”, just follow the below steps.

  • Craft Twine from the Simple Spinning Wheel.
  • Craft a Simple Upgrade Bench.
  • From the Upgrade Bench Select one item of your choice.

In my case, there is Simple Wood Axe.  After selecting the item, you will require T1 Essence to upgrade the axe. You can see in the picture below that you will require 40 T1 Essence. After inserting the required items your weapon will be upgraded and your task “Craft Uncommon Upgrade” will be completed.

Final Words

By following these steps, you can easily upgrade your items in Nightingale, ensuring that you’re always prepared for whatever challenges come your way. Keep an eye on your gear’s durability as well and it is better to upgrade all the items as you will be needing them in the future.

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