What is Orbital Railcannon Strike in Helldivers 2?

What is Orbital Railcannon Strike in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 throws you into the heart of intergalactic warfare against bug-infested planets. It’s a tough job, and sometimes you need a little extra firepower. That’s where the Orbital Railcannon Strike comes in, a devastating weapon that turns the battlefield into a smoking crater (hopefully not where you’re standing!).

What is Orbital Railcannon Strike in Helldivers 2?

The Orbital Railcannon Strike is a high-powered weapon available to players in Helldivers 2. When activated, it calls upon a railgun satellite orbiting above the battlefield to unleash a deadly beam of energy onto a designated target location. This powerful strike can obliterate enemies within its range, making it a valuable asset for eliminating tough foes or clearing out large groups of adversaries.

What is Orbital Railcannon Strike in Helldivers 2?

Why Use It?

  • Taking down massive enemies: Bosses and giant bugs can be a real pain. The Railcannon Strike can help soften them up or even take them out entirely.
  • Clearing out large groups: Need to wipe out a swarm of smaller bugs quickly? The Railcannon Strike can do the trick.
  • Creating chokepoints: Blast a crater in the ground to block enemy movement and funnel them into a kill zone.

The Railcannon Strike is available early on in the game, but you can upgrade it to increase its damage and area of effect. This makes it even more devastating (and potentially dangerous!).

How To Use Orbital Railcannon Strike in Helldivers 2?

Using the Orbital Railcannon Strike requires strategic planning and precise execution. Here’s how to effectively utilize this devastating stratagem:

  1. Access your stratagem menu and choose the Orbital Railcannon Strike from your available options.
  2. Once selected, aim to designate the target area where you want the railgun satellite to strike. Be sure to choose a location where enemies are concentrated or where you anticipate enemy movement.
  3. After confirming the target area, activate the Orbital Railcannon Strike. The railgun satellite will then unleash its powerful beam of energy onto the designated location, annihilating any enemies caught within its range.
  4. Communication with your teammates is key when using the Orbital Railcannon Strike, especially in multiplayer matches. Coordinate your strikes to maximize effectiveness and avoid friendly fire incidents.
What is Orbital Railcannon Strike in Helldivers 2?

So, is the Orbital Railcannon Strike for you?

If you’re looking for a powerful weapon to turn the tide in a tough battle, the Railcannon Strike is definitely worth considering. Just remember to use it strategically and avoid friendly fire, or you might end up creating more problems than you solve!

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