How to change the difficulty in Helldivers 2

How to change the difficulty in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 offers players the flexibility to tailor their gameplay experience by adjusting the difficulty settings. Whether you’re seeking a challenging ordeal or a more relaxed adventure, understanding how to change the difficulty can enhance your gaming experience. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of changing difficulty settings in Helldivers 2.

How to change the difficulty in Helldivers 2

How to change the difficulty in Helldivers 2

Accessing the Galactic War Screen

To change the difficulty setting in Helldivers 2, you’ll first need to access the Galactic War screen. This can be done from your ship, where you’ll find various options and settings related to your campaign progress.

Finding the Difficulty

Once you’re on the Galactic War screen, look for the option to adjust difficulty settings. On PC, you can typically cycle through the available difficulty options by pressing the Q or E keys. These keys serve as shortcuts for navigating between different difficulty levels.

Look at the bottom of the mission selection screen. You’ll see a row of words like “Trivial,” “Easy,” “Medium,” and so on. These represent the different difficulty levels.

Unlocking Higher Difficulty Levels

In order to unlock higher difficulty levels in Helldivers 2, you’ll need to progress through the game and complete operations at the previous difficulty level. It’s important to note that progression is based on completing operations rather than individual missions, so be sure to focus on achieving success in your overall campaign efforts.

Once you start a mission, you can’t adjust the difficulty anymore. Choose wisely!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different difficulty settings to find the one that offers the right balance of challenge and enjoyment for you. Whether you prefer the adrenaline rush of intense combat encounters or the more relaxed pace of casual gameplay, Helldivers 2 caters to a wide range of player preferences.

How to change the difficulty in Helldivers 2

Final Words

Helldivers 2 is about teamwork and overcoming challenges. By adjusting the difficulty, you can create the perfect experience for your squad and conquer those bug-infested planets in style! Now go forth, Helldivers, and purge the galaxy with strategic difficulty adjustments!

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