Can You Play Nightingale on Steam Deck? Devs Confirmed

Can You Play Nightingale on Steam Deck? Devs Confirmed

The developers of Nightingale have addressed the possibility of playing the game on the Steam Deck, Valve’s handheld gaming device. While technically feasible, there are some considerations and limitations to be aware of regarding controller support.

According to the developers, Nightingale can technically be launched and played on the Steam Deck. However, there are some caveats related to controller support. Despite the game’s compatibility with the Steam Deck, the developers have not officially designated it as a supported platform at launch.

Can You Play Nightingale on Steam Deck? Devs Confirmed

This decision means that the developers will not be offering customer support specifically for Steam Deck-related issues upon the game’s release. Since the Steam Deck is considered an unofficial platform for Nightingale at this time, any technical difficulties or compatibility issues encountered while playing on the device may not be addressed by the game’s support team.

Nevertheless, the developers have acknowledged the interest in playing Nightingale on the Steam Deck and have expressed their intention to work on providing full support for the device in the future. They have committed to providing an update regarding the status of Steam Deck support once it has been confirmed.

Final Words

While Nightingale can technically be played on the Steam Deck with controller support, players should be aware that it is not officially supported at launch. As such, any issues or challenges encountered while playing on the Steam Deck may not be resolved by the game’s support team until full support for the device is implemented.

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